Football Kit Mishaps

Kit mishaps are part and parcel of the game. Whether that be shirt printing errors, faulty kits or players wearing the wrong shirts. Join us as we run down 10 of the best or worst errors.

David Beckham (Man Utd) - The 1997 Charity Shield win against Chelsea was the first official match Becks wore the famous Man United #7 shirt. Sadly, it will be remembered for a spelling mistake as his shirt was missing the ‘H’ from his surname. ’Ow did they let that ‘appen?

Richard Dunne (Ireland) - During a Euro 2012 qualifier against Russia, centreback Dunne received a gash to his face after a touchline collision. Since Ireland had no replacement for his blood-stained shirt, he had to put on a blank shirt with his number written in black marker.

Chelsea - During the 96/97 season, Chelsea turned up to their game away to Coventry having brought their home kit. As it was too much of a clash they were forced to wear their opponent's away shirt. There is a rumour that Ruud Guillit expected City to change their shirts instead of the away side.

Fernando Llorente (Spain) - Another Euro 2012 qualifier, another shirt mishap. This time the victim was Fernando Llorente whilst playing for Spain was wearing their home shirt from the 2010 World Cup instead of the recently released 2011/12 shirt. It wasn’t that bad Fernando.

Sevilla - Castore is rapidly growing within the football kit world but sadly there have been several instances of their kits having mishaps. One, in particular, was Ivan Rakitic’s shirt ending a match without the Sevilla crest being present having fallen off at some point.

Steven Gerrard (LA Galaxy) - Whilst playing in the MLS for the LA Galaxy the former Liverpool captain’s shirt was printed as ‘Gerrrad’. It seemingly didn’t affect Stevie G’s performance as he assisted the Galaxy’s goal in a 1-1 draw. Personally, we think it looks grrreat!

Wolves - Sadly it’s another Castore error on the list. Luckily it doesn't involve the Wolves crest falling off, not this time it’s been placed upside down on defender Nelson Semedo’s shirt. Sadly, this has happened to Wolves before under a different kit supplier in 2014.

David Bentley (Blackburn) - “THERE’S ONLY ONE DAVID BETNLEY!!!” The Blackburn midfielder had to sport this shirt at Old Trafford in 2007 after the shirt printers mixed up the ‘N’ & ‘T’ of his name. They also did the same to Roque Satna Cruz two years later.

Barcelona - We’ve already had missing clubs crests on this list, but how about a missing crest and kit supplier? That’s what happened to Barcelona’s Ferran Torres during a 2022 Europa League game. His shirt was missing the club's famous badge and the equally famous Nike Swoosh.

Mario Balotelli (Italy) - During a friendly between Italy & Uruguay, both teams, who are supplied by Puma were showcasing their new shirts. Nobody told striker Mario Balotelli as he took to the field as a sub and played the first few minutes in the Azzurri’s previous home shirt.



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