Football Clubs With Chevron Shirts

The chevron on a football shirt is a simple yet clean design feature that has been used by football teams for decades. We selected 10 sides that have used it on their shirts throughout the years.

Bordeaux - Arguably the most famous club in Europe to sport the chevron is Bordeaux. The chevron, or scapulaire, is traditionally a symbol of the Navy. Blue with a white chevron, they have remixed it through the years sporting both red and gold on their classic blue shirts.


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Leyton Orient - During the 2018/19 season Orient released a special shirt in commemoration of the club's role during the Great War. The white shirt with a red chevron is a nod to the shirt they wore 100 years previous when they were known as Clapham Orient.

Mexico - Breaking away from tradition for the 2006 World Cup was Mexico with their home and away shirts both featuring the chevron. Their usual green home shirt had a white ‘v’ and their away shirt the reverse. The shirts also featured an Aztec style theme.

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Dundee United - Up in Scotland, Dundee United have used the Chevron several times on their dazzling orange home shirts. The first was back in 1913 when the club was called Dundee Hibernian and their shirts were green. The club came back to the design in 2011.

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Burnley - During the 1970s Burnley had the chevron present on their shirts for four seasons. Their shirts were also manufactured by Umbro, much like the present-day shirts. During this period the club were flirting between the first and second divisions of English football. 

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Montpelier - French side Montpellier won their one and only French League Championship Title whilst sporting an orange chevron on their blue home shirts. The club repeated the design again for the 2014/15 season but sadly they only finished 7th. Sacré bleu.

Germany - Another international side breaking away from tradition was Germany during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Unlike Mexico, the red chevron on the classic German white shirt must have brought Une side luck as they went on to be crowned World Champions for a fourth time.

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Club América - Varying the size, colours and designs of the chevron on their shirts is Mexican giants Club América. First appearing on their jerseys during the 1980s, it's fair to say that they have been the most fashionable team to have the ‘v’ on their kit.

Manchester United - The Old Trafford giants threw it all the way back to 1922 during the 2009/10 season with their home and away kits featuring chevrons. The first shirt to use the chevron was white with a red ‘v’ whereas they had red and black for the home shirt, then black and blue for the away shirt.

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Vélez Sarsfield - Sporting the chevron since 1933 after a merchant sold the club a batch of white rugby shirts with a blue ‘v’ present, it was adopted as their definitive colours. The Buenos Aires are arguably the most famous club outside of Europe to have a chevron on their shirts.

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