Football Food Sponsors - Part 2 🌎🍕

As we didn’t get our fill with the English clubs with food sponsors, we have taken a look around the rest of the world to give you some more…

Girona - Seeing as our last thread was all about animal shirts, where better to start than with Girona, who are sponsored by local dog food company ‘Gosbi’. We’re barking mad for their home and away from this season.

Parma - One of the most famous and infamous shirt sponsorships we have seen. The Italian dairy company Parmalat not only sponsored Parma they also owned them. Success on the pitch was brought down by a scandal off it - something Parma would take years to recover from.  

Júbilo Iwata - The Japanese club started as a company team for the Yamaha Motor Corporation back in 1970 but they were sponsored by the food company ‘Nestle’ between 1994-2005. We think this partnership was (Toffee) Crisp. 

San Francisco City FC - Based in La Chorrea in Panama and competing in the Liga Panamena de Futbol in Panama, ‘Los Monjes’ was sponsored by KFC for several seasons. Finger licking good!

AS Roma - Between 1982-1995 the Italian giants were sponsored by the world’s largest pasta company. Legends such as Totti, Ancelotti & Völler all sported the brand on their shirts. We are tortellini in love with this partnership. 

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Daen Sports - Spanish sports manufacturers ‘Daen Sports’ had the unique idea of creating kits that featured local produce of the trams that they supplied kits for. The results were interesting, to say the least. 

Club America - The Mexican giants have some of the most recognisable shirts in the world and they are rightly loved by collectors. Between 2005-2015 Club America were sponsored by the multinational food company Grupo Bimbo, who own Sara Lee, Entenmann’s and Tia Rosa.

Greenock Morton - Scottish League side Greenock Morton was not only sponsored by ‘Buchanan’s Toffee’ between 1991-1996 but also by sweet company ‘Millions’ on and off between 2002-2022.

O’Higgins FC - Chilean side O’Higgins FC and sponsor McDonalds really did “shake” things up with the team's 2019 third shirt. Not only did it feature the burger chains logo but the numbers on the shirts were fries with little bits of ketchup on the end. This tickled our pickle.

Napoli - A partnership that was really out of this world was the link-up between current Serie A leaders Napoli and Mars between 1988-1991. Not only did they create beautiful-looking shirts, but they also managed to have one of the greatest ever players wearing them.

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