How to stop Sweden? Women's 2022 Euros

How to stop Sweden, according to Sweden.

Adidas recently released their new collection of 2022 Womens Euros shirts, all of which are looking very nice with a retro look and feel with all of them having centralised badges.

But the one that caught our eyes was the new 2022 Sweden shirt. Not only is this a great looking shirt, but it also contains a big label in the back of the shirt which has a list of detailed ways to stop the the team, entitled "How to stop Sweden".

There’s also a website,, which includes general analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the squad.

Here at Retro Football Kits we love this so much! It’s such a baller move. They’re so confident in their own abilities that they’re basically saying, "here's how you beat us, but you still won't be able to". Brilliant