Wondergoal Football Kits (Part 2)

It’s part two of our look at some of the game's greatest-ever wonder goals. From unbelievable screamers to league-winning strikes, this list has it all this week!

Ronaldinho (Brazil 2002) - Did he mean it? Was it a fluke? Securing a 2-1 win over England during this 2002 World Cup QF, Ronaldinho unleashed a ridiculous lofted free-kick over the hapless David Seaman. If anyone would mean to attempt it, it’s R10! 


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Michael Essien (2006) - This heavyweight clash between London’s two biggest clubs in 2006 saw Arsenal threaten to end Chelsea’s 51-match home unbeaten run. Step up Michael Essien whose 30-yard thunderbolt in the 84th minute rescued a point for The Blues.


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Gareth Bale* (2014) - Gareth Bale’s career is stacked with incredible moments. No more so than his blistering run against Barcelona to secure Real the victory in the Copa Del Rey final in 2014. We’re sure Marc Barta still has nightmares to this day.


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Juninho (Lyon 2003) - The Marvellous Brazilian is often classed as the best free-kick taker ever. And we could have chosen any one of his goals. This unbelievable strike versus Bayern in 2003 in the Champions League left Oliver Khan kissing the post


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Quaresma (2018) - Quaresma is one of football’s biggest cult heroes. but never really hit the heights expected of his talent. One thing he could do was score a banger! Just ask Iran in the 2018 World Cup who was on the end of this stunning trivela goal.


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Pogba (2013) - Paul Pogba during his first spell at Juventus had the world at his feet. In 2013 against Udinese, he scored two outstanding goals for the Turin club. The first was a fierce, swerving 35-yard strike that was in as soon as it left his boot.


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Porborsky* (1996) - Was this the goal that convinced Man Utd to sign the Czech winger? Porborsky produced a lob so high over Portgual’s GK Baía that we’re convinced fans thought it would clear the stadium. It ended up being the winner in this Euro 96 QF.


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Zlatan (2012) - During a 2012 friendly vs England, Zlatan did Zlatans things and produced an outrageous bicycle kick from all of 32 yards out after latching on to Joe Harts weak headed clearance. It sealed a 4-2 win for Sweden. 


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Nayim (1995) - During the 1995 Cup Winners Cup final against Arsenal and with the game heading to penalties, former Spurs player Nayim whacked the ball from 40 yards out beating poor David Seaman in goal. Thus winning the game and cup for Real Zaragoza.


Van Persie (Man Utd 2013) - Needing a win against Villa at home to secure the Premier League title, Van Persie took it upon himself to make sure the job was done. The second goal of his hat-trick was a stunning volley from a beautiful Rooney lofted pass


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