Please bear in mind that we take the age of the shirt into account. We rate shirts by taking into account how old they are and what kind of wear can be expected over the years.

BNIB - Brand New and still in the original bag/packaging

BNWT - Brand New and still with the original tags

Excellent - A shirt in excellent condition will have bright colours. There will be only very minimal damage to the sponsor or branding. There may be one or 2 very small bobbles on the shirt.

Very Good - A shirt in very good condition may be where the colour has slightly faded. Alternatively there could be a couple bobbles/pulls on the shirt and/or a small mark on the shirt. Or where there may be slight damage to the badge, sponsor, branding or name printing on the back.

Good -  A shirt in good condition can be where there are multiple issues. For example a shirt with some pulls and bobbles and slight fade to the colour. There can also be multiple small stains on the shirt.

Fair - A shirt in fair condition will be where the sponsor, brand or printing has completely peeled off the shirt. Alternatively the shirt will have multiple stains, small holes and even a lot of noticeable pulls on the shirt.