Aston Villa

Aston Villa, known throughout the country as ‘Villa’ are one of the most successful domestic clubs in the country and are only 1 of 5 English Clubs to have won the European Cup. They have also won the English top flight on 7 occasions, have won the FA Cup 7 times and the English League Cup 5 times.

Founded in 1874 by 4 friends from the Villa Cross Wesleyan Chapel, Villa were known as 1 of the best sides in the Midlands and won the Birmingham Senior Cup in 1880.

In 1888, Villa were one of the founder members of the Football League, and had won 5 of their league titles by 1901. Villa won their 1st FA Cup in 1887 and had won it an impressive 3 times by 1901 too. 

After a successful start to Professional club, Villa had to wait 37 years for a trophy in years on either side of the World Wars, when they finally lifted the FA Cup in 1957 for a record 7th time. 

Villa have played at their current home ground of Villa Park since 1897, with the ground being known back then as the Aston Lower Ground, before supporters started to call it Villa Park. Villa park is now the biggest football ground in the Midlands.

Fact: Villa’s 1st match was a game against a rugby side. As part of the agreement between both sides, the 1st half was played under rugby rules and the 2nd half was played under Football Association rules.

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