10 Of The Best Champions League Kits

The Champions League is back and we couldn’t be more excited. To celebrate this we are going to look at some of the greatest Champions League specific football kits.

Manchester United 97/00 - Possibly the most famous European football shirt there has ever been. Worn between 1997-2000, it was the shirt Man Utd wore to complete their incredible treble during the 1998/99 season with the greatest comeback in Champions League final history.

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Lazio 99/00 - After winning the UEFA Cup finishing second in Serie A, Lazio took the Champions League wearing a special home shirt which featured blue and white stripes. It’s the first time they had used his combination for a home shirt and we’d love to see it again soon.

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BVB 96/97 - In the season that Dortmund won their one and only European Cup, they were a special shirt for the competition. The only time they didn’t wear it was in the final. It must have been a lucky omen as they defeated Juventus in Munich, wearing their shirt for the next season.

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Marseille 92/93 - All the way back to a time when Fabian Barthez had hair, Marseille were the first winners of the European Cup rebrand for the 92/93 season and they did so wearing this stunning, and very 90s, adidas home shirt. The lack of sponsor and adidas EQT template are just…*chef kiss*

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Liverpool 01/02 - After winning the three cups, including the UEFA Cup, during the 2000/01 season Liverpool came up with this European home shirt to compete in the following seasons Champions League. They got the the Quarter Finals that season, being knocked out by Bayer Leverkusen. 

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Roma 00/01 - After winning the Scudetto for the first time in 18 years, Roma rocked up to the Champions League wearing this stunning half and half shirt. Using the clubs colours and subtle hints og the bluey/purple, it’s another combination we would really like Roma & adidas to knock up again.

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Real Madrid 01/02 - The Kings of the Champions League, Real Madrid, took the competition by storm (winning it) in this basic but beautiful home kit. We all remember Zidane’s goal in the final at Hampden park and for us the simplistic style kit really stood for Los Blancos.

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RB Leipzig 19/20 - Possibly a rogue choice but this shirt by Leipzig for the 19/20 season was rally bold and stood out. Never really going to win the Champions League, although they got the semi’s in 19/20, RB really make a statement with their kits. Just like Timo Werner for Leipzig, this hits the target.

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PSG 18/19 - EVERYONE loves the PSG x Jordan link up, right? Well we do, and this was the first ever kit they released and it was used for the Champions League fo the 18/19 season. Sadly they were knocked out in the Round of 16 by Manchester United wearing it. 


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Barcelona 97/98 - Another iconic link up was that of Barcelona x Kappa during the 90s and they actually had a couple of shirts specifically for the Champions League. The 97/98 European home shirt is the epitome of 90s Kappa. The symmetry & classic Blaugrana colours are outstanding.

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