Venezia 22/23 Home and Away Kits

The highly anticipated 22/23 Venezia kits have finally arrived and here’s what they look like.

Let’s start with the Home - The first thing that you notice is the clubs re-designed badge. A German studio named Bureau Borsche are responsible for this new badge and they’ve took the clubs historic symbol of a lion but altered it to be more minimal and abstract. The horizontal lines representing the lion's wings are a clear reference to the traditional iron prow of the Venetian gondola with its protruding paddles.

I'm a huge fan of this new logo, it’s this blend of modern minimal design but still stays true to that classic vintage feel of Venezia. The same can be said about the actual design of the home shirt, which is way much more simple and striped back compared to last years design - but I kind of like that..

The shirt is all black but features thin green and orange stripes going down the sleeves and in that beautiful polo collar. This is mixed with golden elements, like the clubs new badge, the kappa logo and the Venezia type on the front (which is smaller than previous years).

So design achieves that simple, slick and modern look from the clean thin stripes and minimal look but also has that classy and vintage vibe from the golden badges and retro looking collar

Let’s move to the Away kit now which has a clean white base and uses the green and orange stripes as alternating slim horizontal stripes on the front, back and sleeves. Again this kit is simple and clean just like the Home.

These shirts have actually got a lot of stick from the football shirt community online but that really surprised me!

Last years kits were great and were full of influence and design but these new kits have striped it all back in a beautifully simplistic way.

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