Lost Lionesses

The ‘Lost Lionesses’ are a the first ever womens team to represent England on an international stage. This group played in the Mexico World Cup in 1971 and this tournament launched the team to overnight fame and stardom as they played in front of crowds of 90,000. But on their return to England, this support fell silent - the players were subsequently banned from playing football, some never to play again.

Due to the structure of the ‘unofficial’ tournament, our team from ‘71 are yet to be officially recognised.

We supplied various England football kits to Till Dawn agency and designer Sophie Hird to create 14 bespoke caps for The Lost Lionesses, to celebrate and commemorate this team for being true pioneers of Women’s football.

Each cap is unique in its design and is inspired by a player who went after the 71 team, from a specific game on a specific date. 14 pieces of history, inspired by moments that they helped create.

It was a true honour for us to be a small part of this wonderful project. We made a film documenting this process that you can watch below!