The United Stand

We are currently engaged in a collaboration with the prominent YouTube channel 'The United Stand', who boast an impressive subscriber base of 1.7 million on YouTube alone, and a substantial following across various other social media platforms.

Our partnership revolves around their post-match show, "Live Fan Forum," which we proudly sponsor. As a part of this collaboration, we provide the panel with Retro Manchester United shirts to enhance their on-screen presence.

Within the framework of this collaboration, we extend a special opportunity to their viewers. A discount code grants an exclusive extra 10% discount on top of our existing 25% offer. This initiative is our way of expressing appreciation to their dedicated audience.

We have a great relationship with 'TUS' and this has paved the way for us to extend our support to other initiatives. A notable example of this is our collaboration with Mark Goldbridge, the founder of United Stand and a renowned presenter. On the occasion of a live show preceding the Champions League final, we contributed by giving him an Inter Milan shirt to be worn during his on-stage appearance.