1997/98 Napoli - When Nike Sponsored Napoli

Before Nike sponsored Italian Giants Inter Milan they decided to start their Italian top flight journey in Naples

In the late 90s the American brand Nike was planning its expansion into Italian football and saw Napoli as perfect place to start its journey as in the 96/97 season Napoli reached the Coppa Italia final, losing out to Vicenza but showing potential.

Nike signs Napoli for the upcoming 1997/98 season, and create an incredibly exciting launch campaign which saw series of teasers in the local newspapers.

These teasers had the fabric of the shirt in the background, subtle hints to the new design, and the Nike and Napoli Logos - This created a lot of hype for the new shirts.

And the shirts did not disappoint...

The shirt features these double vertical side borders in white and navy blue, which frames the shirt up nicely, also they introduced this v-neck polo collar in white and navy. We have this shirt on sale right now!

Although the story between Nike and Napoli started in the best way, with good jerseys and a strong communication campaign, it unfortunately coincided with the beginning of the darkest period in the history of the club. The arrival of the American company also marked the relegation of the partenopei to Serie B after 33 years in the top flight. Nike remained with Napoli for two seasons in the Serie B before going there separate ways