1999-00 Lazio Football Shirts, The Shirts of Winners.

The 1999-00 season was an incredibly successful one for S.S Lazio, and they were doing it in it in style

After winning the 1998-99 Cup Winners Cup, they started the 1999-00 campaign with a Super Cup game against Manchester United. Against the odds, Lazio won the match 1–0, the winning goal coming from Chilean striker Marcelo Salas in the 35th minute. This would be the first time we got to see this beautiful light blue, white and gold European shirt with Del Monte as the sponsor.

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Then in the league they wore this light blue puma shirt with a black band that comes across the front and a bold black and blue collar.

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They wore this shirt up until the 9th of January 2000, after that they switched to this stunning centenary shirt to celebrate the clubs 100th birthday. This shirt is similar to the European shirt, but instead of light blue stripes it was a white base with a light blue band coming across the shirt inspired by the shirts worn by the club in 1900.

The winning continued in this shirt only losing one of their 8 remaining games in the Serie A, finishing top of the league just one point ahead of rivals Juventus. This team was absolutely stacked with superstars, such as Nedved, Inzaghi, Veron Nesta and Simeone, just to name a few.


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