23/24 European Retro Inspirations

Retro-inspired football kits are rife throughout Europe, with some truly beautiful and historical designs to be showcased in the continent's biggest leagues during the 23/24 season. Here are 10 of our favourites.  

Lazio (Home) - Lazio’s second season with Mizuno sees their home shirt celebrate the 50th anniversary of their first Serie A title. Featuring a tonal embossed Olympia eagle on the front of the classic Lazio blue shirt, the design pays homage to the 1973/74 shirt.

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Motherwell (Away) - The 23/24 Motherwell away shirt is a modern twist on the club's classic look which was used for the home shirts during the 1970s. The claret base features an amber and white sash in what is a reverse of what The Steelmen took to the pitch in 50 years ago. 

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Bayern Munich (Home) - Changing their home colours for the first time in a few decades, Bayern have gone for a white base for 23/24 rather than the usual red. The inspiration is taken from shirts worn by Die Bayern in 1965 after their promotion to the first division.

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Rangers (Third) - Paying homage to their past, the Rangers third shirt for 23/24 takes inspiration from the 1993/94 away shirt, which is still seen as a massive favourite by fans of the Ibrox club. The bright orange and blue stripes are a striking and unmissable combination.

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AC Milan (Away) - Using a similar design to their 2011/12 away shirt which incorporated a black and red stripe running behind the crest. The stunning 23/24 away shirt takes inspiration from the rich fashion history of Milano and in particular the world-famous brand Gucci. 

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Lorient (Home) - Ligue 1 side Lorient has drawn inspiration from their 1985/86 home shirt for the design of their 23/24 shirt. In what is almost a carbon copy of the retro version, Umbro has created a beautiful reimagining.

Atletico de Madrid (Away) - Celebrating their 120th anniversary, the Atletico away shirt uses the club’s original colours of blue and white. Founded in 1903 by Basque students living in Madrid as an offshoot of ‘Athletic Club’, they adopted the colours for their first-ever kit.

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Hearts (Third) - Hearts have released one of the most popular shirts for the 23/24 season with their third shirt which is in celebration of the 150th year. The white shirt with the original Hearts of Midlothian crest appears to be a must-have for kit collectors.

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Udinese (Home) - Taking inspiration from thor home shirts of the late 70s and early 80s, Udinese has released a special home shirt for the new season. Also, I Bianconceri are reintroducing the beautiful Zambretta crest on their shirt for the first time in 43 years.

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Barcelona (Away) - Barcelona and white are two colours you wouldn’t look to put together. Their new away shirt pays homage to a classic look that the Catalonian clubs used frequently until the 80s. The use of the club's previous crest on the new shirt is a classy touch.

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