The Colours of La Liga

The teams from every league worldwide are made up of a beautiful mix of colours and combinations by the teams playing in them. Here we focus on La Liga and the colours worn by the team competing in Spain's top football league.

White (Real Madrid) - ‘Los Blancos’ have sported an all-white kit throughout their history apart from one season where they wore black shorts. This was to pay homage to English side Corinthian, who had inspired Real’s white shirts. They were considered bad luck after an embarrassing 7-1 aggregate loss to fierce rivals Barcelona in the cup that season and were subsequently ditched. 

Yellow (Villarreal) - The Yellow Submarine’ played in white shirts & black shorts until a trip to Valencia by the president's son changed everything. Tasked with buying new shirts for the team, he came back with the only colour available. The full yellow kit didn’t occur until 2003, before that Villarreal wore blue shorts.

Blue & White (Real Sociedad) - Founded in 1909, Real Sociedad have worn blue and white throughout their history. The colours are taken from the San Sebastián flag which is ‘A blue canton on a white field’. Their nickname ‘Txuri-Urdin’ translates to ‘The White & Blues’. Heritage. 

Red & White (Atlético Madrid) - Atlético’s famous red and white stripes were first introduced back in 1911 but before this, they wore blue and white half-and-half shirts (brought back for this year's away shirt). Their nickname ‘Los Colchoneros’ (The Mattress Makers) was inspired by the club’s shirts looking like traditional mattresses.

Light Blue (Celta Vigo) - Celta Vigo’s first kits were red shirts accompanied by black shorts and blue socks. This was then changed to the club’s current colours of sky blue and white to represent the Galician flag, the region in which Celta are based. The traditional red and black are still used for away and third kits.

Red & Black (RCD Mallorca) - RCD Mallorca are known as ‘Los Bermellones’ which comes from the Catalan ‘vermello’ and is used to describe a brilliant orangish-red colour, similar to that of the team’s shirts. This colour wasn’t used until 1922 and was done to reflect that of the Spanish National Team. Before 1922 the clubs wore all-black kits and the black was kept to go alongside the red. 

Blue (Getafe CF) - The current Getafe CF were formed in 1983 and has continued to traditions of the two former clubs that preceded by wearing the deep blue colours. There are two versions of the story of how they came to choose blue. One is it was a tribute to workers' uniforms and the other is about the cape worn by ‘Virgen de Los Angeles’ the patron saint of Getafe. 

Red (Osasuna) - Formed when two clubs from Navarra, Sportiva and New Club, were merged it was decided that Osasuna would sport the red of the region's flag. This led to the Pamplona club being known as ‘Los Rojillos’ (The Reds).

Green & White (Real Betis) - Real Betis originally wore blue shirts and white shorts, simply due to the colours being easy to obtain. Founder & captain, Manuel Ramos Asenio took advantage of his time in Scotland by contacting Celtic to obtain the same fabric they used. He turned the hoops into vertical stripes. The colours also mirror those used on the Andalusian regional flag.

Blue & Garnet (FC Barcelona) - There are several theories as to why Barca wears blue & red. From taking inspiration from British school teams to Basel, the team of the club’s founder Joan Gamper, to the mother of a former player choosing the colours as they were accessible to her. Whatever the reason, it's fair to say that the ‘Blaugana’ of Barcelona is one of the most famous combinations in world football.


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