CONCACAF Gold Cup 2023 Kits

With the 2023 CONCACAF Gold Cup in full swing, we thought we’d look at the shirts worn by participating nations at this year's tournament. 

United States - Joint host nation USA have topped Group A and have worn both their home and away shirt which were also present at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Still not a fan of the NFL-style sleeves.


Jamaica - One of our favourite collaborations is that of Jamaica and Adidas. The Reggae Boyz have qualified alongside the USA and have worn both of their first releases with the three stripes. 


Trinidad and Tobago - Trinidad & Tobago are wearing shirts supplied by little-known Capelli, who have previously made kits for Lebanon and Barbados. Despite their classy home shirt, they were sadly unable to get out of their group stages.

Saint Kitts and Nevis - Another nation supplied by Capelli. Saint Kitts & Nevis wear red, white and green shirts. Sadly after shipping 6 goals to USA & 5 to Jamaica, they will take no further part in the tournament.

Mexico - Favourites for the tournament Mexico have worn their much-loved home shirt from the World Cup. They have also worn the Women’s away shirt they will sport in the upcoming World Cup in Australia & New Zealand.


Qatar - Qatar are invited guests to this year's tournament by Concacaf. Wearing the shirts from the World Cup they hosted, they’ve done a little better this time by qualifying for the knockout stages.

Honduras - Having been supplied by Joma since 1998, Honduras has been blessed with three stunning kits for the tournament (the away shirt in particular). Sadly they failed to qualify on goal difference.

Haiti - Haiti’s shirts are supplied by Colombian sportswear company Saeta and all three current shirts share the same design but change colours from blue, white and red.

Panama - Winners of Group C Panama have two of the best kits in the tournament for us. Their Reebok home and away shirts have a throwback feel to them and the giant Reebok logo is just ace.

Martinique - Martinique have their kits supplied in-house and their home shirt is simply fantastic. The white base with black, green and red features is one of the best to feature in the Gold Cup.

El Salvador - There is an argument to be had that El Salvador has the best kits of anyone featuring in the Gold Cup. Umbro has blessed the Central American country with bold designs and subtle nods that massively hit a note with kit fans.

Costa Rica - Having moved to Adidas recently, Costa Rica’s basic-looking shirts don’t have us going crazy but we’ve seen a lot worse. Their away shirt with thin pinstripes is a clear winner.

Guadeloupe - Sporting two Nike team wear efforts, the small Caribbean nation won’t be turning many heads with their red and green away shirt which share the same template.

Guatemala - The Central American country has again been blessed by Umbro by giving us two shirts which are of great design and quality. Their home and away shirt features a patterned sash design which pays homage to Guatemala and Huipils. 

Canada - The second host nation is the only team not to have worn their home shirt during the tournament, only sporting their white away and black third shirt. With their supposed fallout with Nike, it remains to be seen if they will sport that classic red shirt.

Cuba - The second nation sullied by Joma, Cuba’s shirts have a definite United States influence we feel. The blue and red band on the home shirt and their away shirt is very similar to the USA 2014 away shirt.


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