Nike Total 90 Template

Nike Total 90 Template (2002-06)

As we all know, templates can either work or be ridiculed. We think Nike absolutely nailed both the 2002/04 & 2004/06 Total (0 templates. Today we’re going to take a look at a few of our favourites.

Brazil 2004/06 Home 🇧🇷

One of the best uses of the 2004/06 T90 template. The bright yellow with the green piping…Esplêndido!

In this kit, Brazil emerged victorious over Argentina in a gripping penalty shoot-out, of the 2004 Copa America final.

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Arsenal 2005/06 Home - The shirt used to celebrate the Gunners last season at Highbury and what a way to bow out. Still one of the best Arsenal has ever had.

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South Korea 2002/04 Home & Away - The co-hosts of the 2002 World Cup reached the semi-finals of the tournament and had great use of the 2002/04 Nike template for their kits. 

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Barcelona 2004/05 Home & Third - As you’d expect one of Nike’s elite teams treated us two crackers for the 2004/05 season. One Lionel Messi made his debut in these kits as well.   

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Valencia 2004/05 Home & 2005/06 Away - Valencia was another team blessed by the 04/06 template and had a variation of kits over the two seasons the template was used. 

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Inter Milan 2004/06 Third - Possible the most famous shirt to use the T90 04/06 template. Using the colours of the 97/98 template, it was hit with kit fans and that’s still the case today.

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PSG 2004/05 Home - You could say PSG are the Nike posterboys these days but even back in 2004 they were blessing the Parisians with some stunning kits. 

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Porto 2003/04 Home - Porto won the Champions League wearing the 02/04 template under Jose Mourinho. We’d love to see the Dragões team up with Nike again.

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Man Utd 2002/04 Home & 2002/03 Away - United won the Premier League with their first Nike shirts and they would go on to have a successful relationship until they parted ways in 2015.


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Stand Up/Speak Out Shirts - Let’s be honest, we all had the wristbands. Nike’s anit-racism campaign in 2005 produced this stunning half and half kits worn by their elite national teams for one off games. 

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