Disapproved Adidas Argentina 1994 World Cup Shirt 🇦🇷

Can you believe this kit was never actually worn at an international tournament, let me explain. Going into the 1994 World Cup Adidas were the sponsor of Argentina and they created this beautiful home shirt.

Adidas introduced black accents to the shirt within the white stripes and also in the collar. In addition to this they added various shiny AFA logos throughout the shirt and these features really give this shirt extra personality and dimension.

Unfortunately the Argentina Football Association president, Julio Grondona, disapproved this jersey as the introduction of the black elements wasn’t what a traditional Argentina design should be. So adidas had to make some changes, ultimately landing on this instead.

Adidas actually started producing and selling the first kit, before having to pull them production. We have one for sale here

To me this is a huge tragedy. Because of Julio Grondonas fear of change, we never got to see legends like Maradona or Batistuta wear this delightful kit.

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