The story behind the Italy 1995 Home Shirt! 🇮🇹

What's your favourite ever Italia football shirt? Mine is the 1995 Home shirt.

This shirt is special for so many reasons. After the 1994 World Cup Italy ended it's partnership with Diadora and partnered with Nike with this 1995 shirt was the first shirt the American brand would produce. The iconic Nike designer Drake Ramberg was assigned with task and he did not disappoint.

This shirt is deeply embed into Italian culture and history. The zig zag pattern you see all over the shirt is inspired by ****the pavements of Italy, rustic and at the same time geometric.

In the middles of the shirts theres an old Italian Republic badge which was remodelled with the Italian flag in the background accompanied by three stars, indicating the three World Cups won by the Azzurri in 1934, 1938 and 1982.

Unfortuanlty this shirt was never seen in a major international tournament, only in the Euro 1996 qualifiers. Which is a huge shame as this is a thing of beauty, but at-least we still got to see legends such as Maldini, Zola, Ravanelli, and Baggio wear this masterpiece

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