Leicester City

Leicester City, based in the midlands, are 1 of only 7 teams to win the Premier League since it was created back in 1992. They have also won the League Cup on 3 occasions, and despite reaching the FA Cup Final 4 times, have failed to win it. 

Formed in 1884, by Wyggeston School Old Boys, Leicester were originally known as Leicester Fosse. Leicester were elected to the Football League in 1894. In 1907-08 Leicester gained promotion to the First Division for the 1st time. Leicester changed their name to Leicester City in 1919 when Leicester Fosse ceased trading due to financial difficulties and were renamed Leicester City as Leicester had just been updated to city status. Leicester’s 1st League cup triumph was in 1963/64 and the other 2 coming in 1996/97 and 1999/00. Leicester have reached the FA Cup Final on 4 occasions in 1948/49, 1960/61, 1962/63, 1968/69. On all 4 occasions they were beaten.

Leicester’s nickname of “The Foxes”, is due to Leicestershire being known for foxes and fox hunting. An image of a fox was 1st put on the Leicester badge in 1948, and the nickname has been commonly used since. Royal blue home shirts have been worn throughout most of Leicester’s history.

Fact: Leicester's biggest win in their history was 13-0 in a game against Notts Olympic in a FA Cup qualifying game, which came in the same season as they was elected into the Football League.

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