The Colours of Serie A

Continuing our look at the different colours of the world's biggest and best leagues, here we focus on Serie A.

Red & Black (AC Milan) - Throughout their history, Milan has worn red and black as their primary colours. The red is to represent the players’ fiery ador and black is used to show their opponent's fear of challenging them. The colours were chosen by Herbery Halpin, the club's founder. Their nickname ‘Rossoneri’ means ‘The Red & Blacks’

Blue & Black (Inter Milan) - Tradition has it that the colours adopted by Inter Milan are to represent a nocturnal sky as the club was established at 23:30 on the 9th March 1908. As well as that, the blue was chosen by Giorgio Muggiani to oppose those worn by fierce Rival AC Milan.

Red (Roma) - Roma’s colours of carmine red and golden yellow are worn to represent the traditional colours of Rome. The official seal of the Comune di Roma also features the same colours. These colours were also worn by Roman Football Club, one of three clubs that merged to form the current incarnation back in 1927.

Green & Black (Sasuolo) - Sassuolo’s green kit harks back to a tour of Italy in 1921 of English side Lancaster Rovers. Rovers were unable to fulfil their fixture with Sassuolo and as a way of an apology they donated their green kit to the club.

Granata (Torino) - Originally wearing orange and black, Torino switched to Granata (a red colour similar to Burgundy) due to their previous colours being too close to that of the Habsburgs, historical enemies of the then ruling Italian House and were considered inappropriate.

Red & White (Monza) - Wearing blue and white for the first 20 years of their existence, until switching to their current colours of red and white. This was a result of Professor Guiseppe Riva’s report discovering that the city’s historical colours were red and white. 

Red & Blue (Bologna) - I Rossoblù (The Red & Blues) simply use these colours for their home shirts because they came from the official palette of the city of Bologna.

Yellow & Blue (Hellas Verona) - The colours of yellow and blue are used by Hellas Verson simply because they represent the city itself and are present on the emblem of Verona. City rivals Chievo also use the same colours.

Red & Yellow (Lecce) - The team plays in red and yellow, the official colours of the city of Lecce. The players and fans are known as Giallorossi and their official anthem is called ‘Giallorossi per Sempre’

Purple (Fiorentina) - Fiorentina originally wore red and white half-and-half shirts to represent the emblem of the city of Florence. Rumour has it that they switched to purple shirts in 1928 by accident after their red and white kits were washed in the river. 

Blue (Lazio) - Lazio’s colours of sky blue and white are said to be inspired by the national emblem of Greece. This is because Lazio is a mixed sports club and they wanted to recognise that the Ancient Olympic Games and the sporting tradition in Europe are linked to Greece.

White & Black (Juventus) - Famously Juventus wear black and white thanks to English team member, John Savage, to source them some new kits. Thanks to his Notts County supporting friend, they now sport the famous Bianconeri stripes. Before this, they wore pink shirts with black ties. Fancy.

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