Masters Football

Masters Football is the leading football legends brand, sports marketing agency and event organiser, specialising in retired footballing icons. Throughout the year they put on huge events where multiple footballing icons get together and play in a 6-a-side tournament.

In an previous event, we proudly sponsored the Manchester United legends team. This collaboration encompassed prominent shirt sponsorship, placement of our logos in and around the event venue, and invaluable interaction opportunities with the legendary players themselves. Harnessing this privileged access, we embarked on creating a plethora of engaging content for our vibrant array of social media platforms.

We got insightful interviews with players such as Wes Brown, Jamie Carragher, John O’Shea, Stuart Downing, and Luis Garcia. Delving into their prolific careers, we adeptly navigated through the timeline of their achievements by incorporating their iconic jerseys. This approach not only encapsulated their remarkable journey but also served as a conduit to weave narratives and relive cherished memories.

Our partnership with Masters Football remains great and we look forward to future events with them!

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