Pundit Games

Pundit Games is an engaging football trivia board game, where participants flex their knowledge about legendary footballers to secure goals and outscore their opponents.

Leading up to the 2022 World Cup, we worked with Pundit to curate a series of weekly trivia questions for our social media platforms. This interactive initiative entailed the unveiling of a single question each week, and who ever answered the most won prizes from both parties.

In the buildup to the aforementioned World Cup, we embarked on another collaborative venture. Together with Pundit Games, we crafted a World Cup Trivia video for our YouTube channel. Drawing from their repository of captivating World Cup-themed questions, we immersed ourselves in an quest to test and showcase our knowledge. The result was an engaging piece of content that resonated with our audience, enhancing both engagement and entertainment.

Along side content, on occasions we worked with Pundit to gift our customers with free wall charts and beer mats to enrich our customer experience.

Check out Pundit Games here - https://punditgames.co.uk/

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